Why School Holiday Intensive Programs Are A Great Idea For Your Little Fishes

Why School Holiday Intensive Programs Are A Great Idea For Your Little Fishes

Published by The Fold, Southern Highlands

Building kids’ confidence in the water while having fun

Weekly swimming lessons for kids are awesome. It’s great for their routine and learning new skills in the water, but if you’re keen to take the kids’ skills in the pool up a notch or improve their confidence around water, a school holiday intensive program is a crackin’ idea.

Why? We spoke to the Aquabliss Frensham team to find out.

1 // Keeps kids busy and active

It’s sooooo tempting to resort to the world of video games and devices to give the kids some downtime in the hols, we get it (confession time, we’ve also done it). And while screens have their place and time, there’s a truckload of research that points towards the positive benefits of getting kids active – and not just physical benefits. Regular activity in kids also have psychosocial and cognitive health effects. Cool, right? Imagine how well they’ll sleep after participating in the Intensive program?

2 // Builds confidence in the water

Intensive swimming programs are great for building a child’s confidence in the water. There is something about knowing your kid is capable in the water that makes a parent breathe a little easier, right? Plus, these sorts of programs reinforce swim safety awareness in and around water – perfect because the weather is still warm enough to head off to the beach or pool parties. And no matter what time of year, kids are always in and around water which is why regular swimming lessons and intensive programs are important to keep your little one water-wise and confident in and out of the water all year round.

3 // Builds muscle memory

Back-to-back days of practice builds muscle memory in kids. What’s muscle memory? Let’s get technical – it’s consolidating a specific motor task into memory through repetition. Which means your child is more likely to remember how to frog kick, or dive or do a tumble turn….whatever it is they may be learning…..if they do it regularly. Plus, they can spend a bit more time on mastering specific skills, rather than trying to squeeze learning that particular skill into a 30 – 60 minute lesson, and then try and remember it a week later (a week is a long time in a child’s life!). The best bit about daily back-to-back lessons is children easily pick up from where they left off the day before.

4 // Make new friends

Cos’ friends and fun are life, right? Developing social skills are a fabulous side-effect of a school holiday intensive program as kids meet and mix with new friends.

And parents get to make new connections too!

5 // Fast track your child’s progress

Who has a mini-Thorpie in their midst? Or a child who Just. Really. Loves. Swimming? Or has your child’s swimming skills plateaued a bit? An intensive program is a way to reboot or kickstart their growth and ability in the water with one month’s worth of lessons in one week.

6 // Peace of mind for parents

We mentioned it quickly at the top, but when your child is confident, skilled and safety-aware in and around the water, as a parent you can definitely relax a little bit more (of course, never taking your eye off the supervising ball!).

Us Highlanders love getting outdoors and that usually means being around water in some form. And it’s still warm enough to enjoy a pool party, hang out at the beach, go fishing or boating……..being confident of your child’s abilities to manage themselves in the water makes that time much more enjoyable for everyone!

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