They make learning to swim easier, a real game changer. They won’t keep hair dry or water out of ears, but there are many reasons why it’s best to wear a swim cap, and here are just 6 of them.

1. More focussed learning maximises value for money

Swim caps eliminate distractions and time wasted when a swimmer stops (often more than once) to move hair (sometimes someone else’s, yuk) from their eyes, nose or mouth and/or to adjust their goggles.

Sounds exhausting! Most likely annoying! It could even be stressful for those upset by having their vision and breathing hindered. All of which make learning to swim harder.

A swim cap provides a smooth surface for goggles to stick to, so they stay in place without snagging or pulling on a swimmer’s hair as they move through the water. And a swim cap keeps hair out of their face – or someone else’s!

A swim cap means fewer distractions, a more focused lesson and learning to swim easier.

Swimming lessons are usually short, most only 30 minutes. With at least 3 or 4 students in the class, interruptions will quickly add up, soon eating into precious learning time and your pocket!

A swim cap means fewer interruptions for hair and/or goggle maintenance, which improves efficiencies and maximises the value of the cost you’ve spent on the lesson.

2. Helps keep pool water cleaner & lessons cheaper

No one likes getting a handful or mouthful of someone else’s hair or seeing a clump floating in the pool. Gross!

A swim cap keeps hair out of the pool, providing a more pleasant experience for everyone. Thank you.

Most stray hairs end up in the drains and filters. At best, mechanical system effectiveness in removing contaminants and impurities is reduced because it’s more difficult for the water to move around these systems with ease. At worst, stray hairs clog them up. Both scenarios add costs to running a swim school. Not good!

A swim cap will help mechanical systems run smoothly and minimise wear and tear. When operating costs are reduced, there are fewer costs to consider passing onto customers when assessing price increases. A much better scenario!

3. Keeps swimmers warmer

By conserving energy, a swimmer will tire less, which is great for swimming lessons as they’ll have the energy to learn more. And the quicker a student learns to swim, the less spent on swimming lessons. (Yes, we’re always sad to say goodbye to our students when they graduate, but there’s a positive, it frees up a space for us to help someone else learn to swim. So quicker is better for everyone!)

A swim cap helps safeguard precious energy by keeping the head warm. Especially in cooler weather/water environments, so getting used to wearing one all year round is helpful.

4. Protects hair

Pool chemicals eliminate harmful bacteria, making the water safe to use, but the downside is – not great for hair.

A swim cap will add a layer of protection against pool chemicals, helping to protect luscious locks or a sensitive scalp.

Tips for better hair protection

5. Reduces drag & improves swimming

Water flows more easily and quickly over a smooth surface. So wearing a swim cap, regardless of hair length, makes students more hydrodynamic.

A swim cap means faster movement through the water with less effort!

6. Minimises stress levels

Once students have gotten into the groove of wearing a swim cap, so many things will be easier

The initial investment in getting used to wearing one really will pay off.

Next Steps

Don’t have a swim cap?
We sell them, and that’s handy if you forget to bring one. For children with long hair, choose one with extra stretch or consider an adult-sized one.

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