Being a great swim teacher isn’t just about having lots of experience in the pool and being newly trained provides some significant benefits. Here’s why we don’t underestimate a newly qualified swim teacher.

Identifying what matters most

An effective swim teacher doesn’t need heaps of actual swim teaching experience. They don’t even need to be a great swimmer. And the finite technicalities of how kids learn to swim, that swim science, is something we can teach newbies, and usually very easily.
It’s having the relevant soft skills that’s critical – those soft skills are what matter the most.
Some of the soft skills we look for when recruiting include the ability to connect with children, empathise with them, motivate them. People with a passion for teaching as well as learning.
We hire people who’ve had their patience tested. We want effective communicators and problem solvers. People who love kids and can earn their trust. Those who can negotiate with children without getting into a tug-of-war.

Experience from outside the pool

It might surprise some parents that those all-important critical soft skills don’t have to be cultivated in the pool.
Some of our newly qualified teachers are parents/grandparents; many are older brothers and sisters. A lot of our new swim teachers have worked endless hours in child-related roles, from child-minding gigs or scout leaders, to working at sports or school holiday camps. Some of our young student teachers are at university, training to be primary/secondary school teachers or doctors, undertaking “on-the-job” training as part of their studies.

All these paid or voluntary roles provide heaps of teaching opportunities and lots of time to practise relevant soft skills, meaning our newbies are swimming with experience!

Off the starting blocks

A newly trained teacher has a lot to offer your little fish:

Fresh learnings

They’ve just completed their training, so everything learnt is fresh in their memory.

Most up to date

They’re up to date with the latest swim industry teaching techniques, research and best practices.

Creative & innovative

They’ve just been exposed to many other enthusiastic newbies, all sharing their latest ideas. This can help breathe new life into, or help revitalise, an existing curriculum.

New perspectives

New teachers often have a new way of looking at things, which they can use to identify gaps that sometimes veteran teachers can’t see. A fresh set of eyes.

Highly motivated & energized

They’re highly motivated to prove themselves. With bucket loads of enthusiasm and energy, helping to inspire students, sometimes in ways veteran teachers can’t.

No bad habits

It happens in all industries and to the best of us. Someone can have a ton of experience, but they can also have their fair share of bad habits.

Quality control

Aquabliss would never allow an unqualified teacher to be solely responsible for a class.
Our teachers are independently trained and accredited by leading industry associations such as AustSwim or Swim Australia, who are highly regarded within the swim industry.
In addition to the compulsory practical in-water training, we also provide extra training to teachers to ensure they know the ins and outs of the Aquabliss swim curriculum.
Plus, regardless of swim teaching experience, a Pool Deck Supervisor monitors every lesson. Yes! Every. Single. Lesson!
Whilst the Pool Deck Supervisor stays dry poolside, newly qualified teachers will sometimes have a “Floater” in the pool with them. A very experienced teacher, providing the newbie teacher with access to actual hands-on in-water experienced help, if needed.
So, rest assured, your child will be in good hands, and sometimes more than one pair!

Trainee pipeline

As a swim school, we aren’t just focused on teaching students how to swim well. We’re also committed to supporting the learn to swim industry by helping to get new teachers qualified. They do a great job, and we need more of them.
We look forward to you supporting the swim industry too, by celebrating our new teachers and appreciating the strengths they bring to the pool.

Contact details

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