School Holiday Programs

School Holiday Intensive Programs

One month of lessons in one week

A head start or booster with one free lesson each week

Worried you’ve left enrolling in swimming lessons a tad too late? Or life just got in the way and your child hasn’t swum for a while? Catch up with back-to-back lessons. Bliss!

Already enrolled and want to fast-track progress? Our back-to-back days of practice can make this happen. Bliss!

Not swum with us before? This is a great opportunity to try us out with no obligation to enrol after the holidays. Bliss!

Every School Holiday

Fun & Learning

Take your kid’s skills up a notch, improve their confidence & meet friends

Some centres may not offer all program levels and all weeks due to pool size and local demand. Please confirm with your local swim school.

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Lesson times vary from 30 to 90 minutes, depending on your child’s swimming level. So the price varies too. But, whatever the price, you’ll get one lesson FREE per week! Contact your local school for pricing.

School Holidays

Key Benefits

Available for pre-schoolers too, we don’t want them to miss out
For newbies too, no requirement to be enrolled in our schools
School Holidays

Key Information

What most parents ask us

We’re looking forward to booking you in or answering more questions. And if it’s a question we think most others will want to know, you’ll be helping to add to this list. Thank you.

These programs cover the same content as our regular programs. But your child will be taking lessons on consecutive days, rather than waiting a whole week for their next swim lesson. And that's the biggest benefit of these programs! These back-to-back lessons can really help build your child’s muscle memory and help them retain skills, because they’ll be repeating it, day after day, after day. Overcoming that challenge of forgetting things over a week, which is a long time for a young child.

Our school holiday programs are available for Pre-Schoolers and School-Aged Kids Learn to Swim, Stroke Development and Squads. So if your child is currently swimming with us, they'll remain in the same level.

If you’re not currently enrolled with us, we’ll need to undertake a short 10-minute FREE swim assessment, to ensure your child is placed in the correct class. Here’s more information on FREE swim assessments. We’ll arrange an assessment time when you book.

Lesson times vary from 30 to 90 minutes, depending on your child’s swimming level. So prices vary too. No matter the price, you’ll get one lesson FREE per week!

You’ll pay the lesson price, multiplied by the number of days the program is running in a week. Usually 5 days, but sometimes 4 if there is a public holiday, when our swim schools are closed. Don’t forget to deduct your one free lesson each week!

Individual lesson prices are listed on the local school page. Please contact us if have any further queries on prices.

Class times vary between 30 to 90 minutes, depending on the swim level of your child. Usually the younger the child, the shorter the lesson. But don’t worry, we can still wear them out in 30 minutes!

Visit our Programs section for more information on our programs or contact us.

Class sizes vary depending on the swim level of your child. They start from as small as 3 per class. Our class sizes increase as swim and water-safety skills increase. Visit our Programs section for more information or contact us.

Not all program levels are available at all locations. This depends on pool size, demand for classes and teacher availability. Sometimes our smaller centres may not offer all weeks. Please contact us to confirm.

We don’t recommend this because your child will unlikely retain the skills learnt with such a big break between lessons.

This program is great for children already enrolled in our program who need a booster, want to fast-track progress or struggling with mastering a specific skill. Perfect for new customers who want to get a head start before their regular program commences. It’s also a great opportunity for those considering enrolling in our regular programs to try us out.

And of course perfect for parents too! Swimming lessons are a great holiday activity for the kids, combining fun and learning, whilst burning off energy.

These programs are only taught by our existing teachers, who are all experienced and fully accredited.

If your child is currently enrolled with us, we cannot guarantee the same teacher or the same classmates. But that's a good thing. New growth through new experiences, and new friends. And sometimes a different teacher can make a breakthrough, bringing fresh eyes and a new perspective to the lesson.

In line with our Lesson Administration Policy, unfortunately make-ups cannot be used for our School Holiday Intensive Programs. We reserve the right however to make an exception to this rule, to accommodate for unique circumstances. For example because of a temporary school site closure. With any exception, relevant new terms and conditions will apply. For example, a commitment to attend the full program on offer to avoid disruption to other students.

Yes, provided that the program you are participating in is a minimum of 5 days.


Your voucher would need to be redeemed prior to commencing the intensive program. We recommend booking early to allow time for us to process the voucher with the NSW Government department.


Meeting Local

What's on offer in your community

No matter how large we grow, our schools remain small enough to provide a family-friendly service.

Click on a location for school-specific details, including programs offered, pricing and operating hours.


Independent recognition

We're meeting swimming industry standards

We’re accredited members of Australia’s peak swim industry associations.

It’s important we keep abreast of changes within the industry and work with other professionals to improve teaching standards and child protection initiatives.

Our teachers are also independently AustSwim or Swim Australia qualified.