Quality instructors

Quality instructors

All of our qualified, dedicated instructors have received the best available training.
Private environment

Private environment

Enjoy a comfortable experience no matter your experience level.
Tailored for you

Tailored for you

Lessons are designed to perfectly match your level of fitness & experience.
Value for money

Value for money

No distractions or time wasted, 100% committed to improving your skills and confidence.
Worth every second

Worth every second

Aquabliss ensures every second is dedicated your individual improvement.
Perfect for everyone

Perfect for everyone

Our private swimming lessons are ideal for adults and children, whatever your skill level.

Why Choose Us?

Here at Aquabliss, we’ve spent years developing our reputation as a boutique swim school that provides award-winning private lessons to anyone and everyone. Whether you’re just starting out and still feel very nervous in the water, or are an experienced swimmer who wants to brush up on particular techniques, we’ll have the perfect instructor for you. At the forefront of our company ethos is the desire to create a safe, fun environment that everyone feels comfortable learning in.
The Aquabliss Promise
Our swimming coaches are a highly qualified, dedicated group who support all our students in the pool through:
  • Personalised programmes
  • Constructive feedback

  • Encouraging instructors
  • An excellent environment for learning

Why choose private lessons?
Although there are some benefits to group lessons, when it comes to developing your individual skills in a way that is time efficient and tailored just for you, you can’t beat private lessons.


After assessing your skills, one of our instructors will then create a personalised programme designed to maximise your potential for improvement. Not only do we pride ourselves on ensuring clients at Aquabliss feel comfortable and safe in the water, we’ve also got a proven track record when it comes to producing world-class athletes. Students at Aquabliss have gone on to compete in elite competitions, including the National, Commonwealth and Olympic games.

Development In & Out of the Pool
Although you might not have your sights set on a gold medal, we want your personal development to reflect that of our elite athletes, and will help you to take big strokes towards improvement in every lesson. With private lessons, we can ensure you’re able to focus on developing every aspect of your swimming and are able to strive towards excellence.
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Clients Testimonials

Read some of our private swimming lessons reviews and how parents have loved being involved in the Aquabliss program.

My children started with Learn to Swim at AquaBliss at the ages of 2 and 3½. The teachers worked with them over the coming years. I am thrilled with the coaching they received over those years.”
 Anne-Marie Torrens
Anne-Marie Torrens Aquabliss Customer
The teachers and staff are friendly and experienced. I particularly like that they have supervisors assessing the kids (progress) every time they are in a lesson. I highly recommend Aquabliss to everyone.”
Kristie Palmer
Kristie Palmer Aquabliss Customer
My three children have progressed through the Aquabliss program under the dedicated supervision and commitment of their instructor. I could not recommend it highly enough.”
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Coming SoonAquabliss Customer

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