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Squad Swimming

School-Aged Levels

Choose a competitive or fitness pathway

Wondering what’s next after your child has graduated from our Orca level? They can keep on swimming in a squad. Bliss!

Or you’ve moved into the area and looking for some squad company for your child? We’d love to welcome you. You’ll both meet new friends. Bliss!

Swimming at this level opens the door wide open for your child to participate in whatever water-based activity they choose. Plus, children who swim at squad levels are more likely to become active adults. Another way to help keep your child safe, happy, and healthy. Bliss!

Squad Programs

Advanced Skills

The opportunity to master all four strokes

Our Junior Squad level is the first introduction for swimmers who want to compete in the sport of swimming. Fitness Squads are available for those not interested in competing but love and see the value of swimming for good health.

Easy To Start

Book An Assessment Online or Contact Us

We can’t wait to assess how well your child can swim

As your child is an advanced swimmer, we’ll need to conduct a Free Swim Assessment to ensure they meet our squad criteria and are placed in the correct squad. You can book an assessment online. Bliss!

Don’t want to book online? Contact us. We’re happy to provide personal customer service. Bliss!

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Become a master

Perfecting technique, the foundation for all outcomes
The better the technique the more efficient the swim. And a great motivator. When you do something well, you’re more likely to stick with it.
Junior Squad entry criteria

Promotion to this level is at the discretion of the coaching team, once your child has graduated from our Orca level (or an equivalent level at another swim school).

Typically, swimmers would be swimming a minimum of 2 or 3 Orca classes a week and show interest in pursuing swimming as their main sport.

In addition to the entry criteria, your child would need to commit to a minimum of 3 x 90-minute sessions per week.

We strongly encourage our swimmers to be actively training towards specific goals and therefore be members of a Swimming NSW affiliated swimming club and attend competitive meets.

Fitness Squad entry criteria

Fitness Squads are available to swimmers who have graduated from our Orca level, (or equivalent level at another swim school), but don’t wish to pursue a competitive path.

Fitness Squads are a welcoming space to improve your child’s overall fitness. As well as supporting their success in other sports, because swimming at this level, provides an overall body workout. Improving muscles and aerobic performance that will help underpin improvements in other sports.

Your child would only need to commit to a minimum of 1 x 90-minute session per week.

Endurance & motivation
Our coaches know how to keep kids motivated, to gradually build up their endurance. Knowing when to push and when to ease off a little. Knowing how to correct mistakes in a way that your child will feel challenged, not crushed. We’ll help get the best out of them. It’s rewarding and character building, for both students and coaches.
Improving technique to precision
Our coaches will be scrutinising each movement. They’ll take the time to correct your child’s strokes, striving for technical perfection. Our coaches know that the slightest tweaking can achieve better results.

We’ll be streamlining swimmers more and more. Monitoring those kicks, scrutinising those arm movements. We’ll have your child flying off the blocks or from the side of the pool, then propelling through the water with almost silent stealth and nailing tumble turns to precision.
Physical & mental heath benefits
There’s a wide range of benefits to squad training. A full-body cardiovascular and respiratory workout. Developing your child’s stamina, flexibility and muscle strength, using the water as resistance. Squad training also builds their concentration too.  We can teach your child how to compete mentally, developing a healthy competitive spirit yet still have fun. The benefits are endless.
Squad equipment

All squad swimmers are required to attend with their own swim kit. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Competitive – kickboard, fins, finger and hand paddles, pull buoy, band and drink bottle.
  • Fitness – kickboard, fins, pull buoy and drink bottle.

Plus lots of energy, enthusiasm and a sense of fun and enjoyment.

Squads are ready when your child is ready
Squads are no different to the rest of our programs when it comes to being ability based. Children as young as 10 years old have successfully swum in our Junior or Fitness squads. Nor does it matter how old your child is by the time they reach squad level. Each child learns at their own pace. We’ll help your child achieve their personal best, no matter their age.
Class numbers vary
Being in larger class sizes will help teach your child how to distance themselves from other lap swimmers, as well as other good lane etiquette. They’ll also enjoy the friendly competition of racing against each other.

Class sizes often depend on the size and number of lanes available in our pools. But we do limit class numbers to ensure no overcrowding. 

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