Perpetual Lessons Over Term-Based Lessons

Perpetual Lessons Over Term-Based Lessons

Were swim lessons on your list of to do’s after the holidays? Maybe one of your new year resolutions was to focus on health and safety? While some resolutions are a might-do, swimming lessons are a must-do. Well, it’s not too late to organise swimming lessons to support your child in mastering a range of new swim skills throughout 2021.

Actually, it’s never too late to start swimming lessons here at Aquabliss because we offer perpetual lessons, not term-based lessons. Our swim programs run throughout the year, including school holidays. Great planning – you’ll have at least one school holiday activity already locked in!

Our perpetual program means your little one can start swimming lessons at any time during the year. You don’t have to wait now for next term, or a specific date, to enrol. Very convenient!

Plus, once you’ve signed up, that’s it. No need to re-do that each term. No fear of losing that precious timeslot. So easy!

Here at Aquabliss, we understand that children learn to swim at their own pace. So, when your little fish has mastered all the skills in one level, they can move up to the next level as soon as a new spot becomes available. No need to wait till the end or beginning of next term. Very flexible!

With perpetual lessons you won’t be charged for a full term of swimming lessons in one go. We bill monthly, at the beginning of each month. This means it’s also easier to take a break from lessons. That’s great! Except maybe the part about taking a break from swimming lessons. However, we understand if you need to. We even offer eight make-up lessons per year to help you. How supportive!

Perpetual lessons provide a number of benefits and opportunities for your child to stay on track, with no interruptions to their development. If you aren’t already perpetually swimming with us, then contact our friendly Customer Service Team today!