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When choosing a swim school, you’ll want a program that has the right content, split up into the right levels, to teach your child to swim well the right way. That’s exactly how we’ve developed our programs.

Operating multiple schools means we have access to a lot of experts. Highly experienced teachers, many of who have worked with us for years. Plus newbies, fresh out of training and armed with the latest industry learn to swim knowledge. Their input allows us to continuously review and improve our programs.

Your Research

Assessing Programs

Some fundamentals to consider
Comprehensive programs – skills & ability building blocks

First, we deconstructed the basics of learning to swim. Then, we grouped these skills into various levels, identifying the order in which these skills need to be achieved. Our teachers, trained by us, know how to reconstruct those skills in a progressive way.  Ensuring there’s a solid foundation of each skill on which to build.

Enrolment and promotion to the next level is mainly dependent on ability, not age. Your child will be in a class of similar ability and will only proceed to the next level when essential skills have been mastered. Never held back waiting for others to catch up, nor promoted to the next level before they’re ready. They’ll learn at their own pace and, if a nervous learner, will be reassured and gently introduced to new skills as they gain confidence.

No floaties – no false sense of security

Other than active kickboards, we don’t use floaties. We find they slow down learning because most floaties keep kids upright. Our focus is on teaching kids how to be horizontal in the water and how water can support their bodies (buoyancy).

Some schools use floaties for class management and control. We don’t need to because our classes are small and graded to the group’s ability. Plus, we don’t want to waste precious time taking floaties on and off!

At home, floaties can be appropriate, especially if you have multiple children to supervise. Our advice – don’t overuse them.

Learn more about when and how to use floaties at home.

No forced submerging - build trust and confidence first

Fear of water is common in children, especially when it comes to putting their heads underwater. We won’t force a child’s head underwater. Nor try to trick them. Our teachers are skilled at reading a child’s face and body language, only safely submerging a child’s head when the child feels ready. Mastering this skill is essential. It can lessen the panic if a child accidentally falls into the water. It also allows them to learn to swim in a horizontal position. Doggy paddling is way too tiring! A stronger swimmer is a safer swimmer!

A convenient perpetual program - year round benefits

You don’t have to wait for a specific date to enrol. Our programs run throughout the year, including school holidays. Except for a small break during Christmas / New Year. Our hardworking teams need a good rest before the peak summer swim season

Once your little fish has mastered the skills in one level, they can move up as soon as a new spot becomes available. No need to wait till the end or beginning of a term.

With monthly billings, you’ll avoid hefty lump-sum term-based charges. Making it easier to take a break because you can cancel your lessons for the following month/s. Just tell us, in writing, the day before your next direct debit payment is due.

Learn more about perpetual programs v term-based programs.

Make-up lessons - the opportunity to never miss a lesson
We offer make-ups if you can’t attend your scheduled lesson. These are vacant spots in other classes not yet filled, or where another parent has cancelled. With limited spots available, you’ll appreciate we need terms and conditions about eligibility and usage. For example, we can’t always guarantee the same teacher, but that can be a good thing! Kids need to learn to cope with change, and sometimes a fresh perspective can spur things along.
Programs - only delivered by qualified teachers

Our lessons are delivered by some of the best teachers in the industry, who understand each child is different. With gentle encouragement, they can unlock your child’s potential, both having lots of fun along the way.

They are independently trained and accredited by Austswim or Swim Australia. Then they also undergo further training with us. They are regularly assessed because every lesson is monitored by a Pool Deck Supervisor. Yes, every lesson!

Child protection checks and compliance with the government Working with Children Certification are a crucial part of our recruitment. Staff also have a lifeguard and relevant first aid/CPR qualifications. Your child will be in safe hands.

Focus on progression – frequent feedback & assessment

We have rewards and awards to motivate and inspire kids to get and stay involved. These include achievement badges on the online portal, certificates to download and Swimmer of the Month awards. Smiles and laughter will be the norm, with praise given out in ample doses. Your child will be regularly assessed by our Pool Deck Supervisor. With a perpetual program, once your child has mastered the required skills in a class, they can move up to the next level as soon as a spot is available. No need to wait till the end of term!

Importance of repetition - practice achieves progress
Our programs focus on repetition and quality practice time. Repetition develops a child’s muscle memory. The more they practise a swim skill, the easier they’ll learn and remember it. Until it becomes automatic, instinctive. So that if they fall in the water, they’ll know what to do and will be less likely to panic. Repetition is also needed to develop a good swimming technique. With good technique, your child will learn how to swim using less energy. A less tired swimmer is less likely to panic. Learn more about the benefit of repetition.
Fun and games - the best way to learn

Children are more likely to learn when having fun. Our lessons take a games-based approach, packed with lots of exciting and challenging activities. And in some classes, there’s even singing! All carefully planned to develop and practice aquatic skills.

Safety focus for all times – water safety for life
Yes, our safety focus extends beyond the lesson and the pool. Our programs teach swimming but just as important, educate children on how to respect the water and learn about its dangers. We want our swimmers to remain safe in and around the water for life. Our teachers constantly remind younger children about the risks of being around water without an adult, learning to ask before entering a pool. Our older students are also reminded about the potential dangers of being in and around the water too. Such as not giving into peer pressure and how to spot and handle rips at the beach. We want your child to stay safe long after they have completed our programs.

Survival Skills

No extra fees for our popular PASS Class

PASS Class is for all levels – except squads because they’ve already achieved their PASS!

Personal Aquatic Survival Skills (PASS), such as sculling, treading water, floating, safe entry and exit, along with basic swimming skills, are taught regularly in our classes.

PASS Class, held twice a year, consolidates and reinforces previously learnt swim skills and, where relevant/age-appropriate, introduces new ones, e.g. clothed swimming survival skills. Most classes will practise mock rescues and emergency simulations.

Swim To The Top

Track Progress

Our portal & Pool Deck Supervisors are your go-to resources

Your child’s swim journey is something you should both share and enjoy. If you can’t be poolside, our online portal will keep you up to date. View all your swim star’s achievement badges and even download certificates to proudly display at home.

Our Pool Deck Supervisors are keen to identify students ready to move up a level by being on the lookout at each lesson for such talent. To ensure we don’t miss any quiet achievers, they also complete formal assessments, approximately every six weeks, ensuring every swimmer present has been ticked off an assessment list.

We encourage parents to talk to our Pool Deck Supervisors about their child’s progress, especially if there are any concerns. Sharing concerns means we have the opportunity of working together to overcome them. We want your child to succeed as much as you do.

Programs & Prices

Let's Start a Swim Journey

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Lesson prices are listed on each school’s location page. To work out the right swim level for your child, use the form on the relevant program or school location page, or reach out to us. We’ll be happy to assist.


Independent recognition

We're meeting swimming industry standards

We’re accredited members of Australia’s peak swim industry associations.

It’s important we keep abreast of changes within the industry and work with other professionals to improve teaching standards and child protection initiatives.

Our teachers are also independently AustSwim or Swim Australia qualified.