Why not use this week as a prompter to talk about safety and well-being with children. We’ve included some tips on how to start such a conversation.

Organised by NAPCAN (National Association for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect), National Child Protection Week is an annual event that usually starts on the first Sunday of September.

Aquabliss proudly supports National Child Protection Week because its focus is at the very heart of what we do at our swim schools. Our child safety policies and related staff training are an active part of our business.

Whilst the theme changes every year, the week’s core focus is always on how everyone can work together to build communities supporting children and families. Helping kids to be safe and happy.

A prompter to talk about safety & well-being

NAPCAN encourages parents/guardians to use National Child Protection Week as an opportunity to start a conversation with children and families about feeling safe. 

Because in playing a part by ‘tuning in’ to children in everyday situations about SMALL worries, kids are much more likely to feel comfortable telling you if something BIG is wrong.

Talking with kids about safety & well-being

Here’s some excellent information and advice from NAPCAN:

Here at Aquabliss

Children are safest when they are listened to, respected, and believed in, and that’s our swim teachers’ relationship with students.

We use National Child Protection Week as a focal point for management to review our child protection policies and retrain staff. We get busy running a business, and we know how busy parenting can be, so having dedicated weeks such as these are great prompts for prioritising or revisiting essential responsibilities.

We also support child safety and the well-being of children in the community by providing family-friendly work conditions for parents.

Next Steps

Visit www.napcan.org.au to learn more about the theme for this year’s campaign, including what family activities are available. Their website has some great free resources too.

Interested in enrolling in a swim school where child safety is a priority. More information about our programs is on our website, or contact us.

An overview of our Child Protection Policies is also available on our website.

We look forward to you being part of the Aquabliss family, helping to keep kids safe and happy.