Aquabliss Pymble

Where just treading water isn't an option

Since adding Aquabliss Pymble to our growing swim school network in 2010, we’ve helped thousands of families and kids to be safer, happier and healthier.

How? By hiring some of the best teachers in the industry to deliver our proven swim programs in a fun and engaging way. We’re inviting you to experience the same.

Feel bliss at Aquabliss!

Aquabliss Pymble

1 Bobbin Head Road Pymble NSW 2073
Aquabliss Pymble is located on the grounds of Sacred Heart Primary School. Onsite parking available


Hours may change

Demand for swimming lessons changes throughout the year, so operating hours may vary.

Usually closed weekday early afternoons

Most bubs and pre-schoolers need a nap. Plus, our pool water, and staff, need a break too!

You can contact us out of hours

We promptly respond to emails and phone messages. Or you can reserve an available spot online if you're ready to start lessons in the next 7 days. Scroll down for more information.

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    Avoid losing your preferred timeslot to someone else. Our online form will work out either the correct swim level for your child or if you need to book a swim assessment. No payment or credit card details are required to reserve a spot, but you must be ready to start lessons within 7 days. Swim assessments are FREE and can be booked beyond 7 days. For class enrolments, we'll contact you to confirm everything and complete any administration.

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    Purpose-Built & Upgraded

    Recently refurbished, close to schools & early learning centres

    Unlike learning to swim in public pools, our private pools mean your “mini-me” will be away from the pressure and distractions of large crowds, noisy water slides and busy play areas.

    Our pool can be divided into sections of various lengths and depths. Keeping your child challenged and, whilst in the beginner stages, still feeling safe because they’ll always be within touching distance of their teacher. The pool is also designed to keep children moving in the water, learning through experience. Minimising the time they sit at the edge of the pool watching, although still learning through observing.