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Aquabliss Frensham

Where just treading water isn't an option

Since adding Aquabliss Frensham to our growing swim school network in 2014, we’ve helped thousands of families and kids to be safer, happier and healthier.

How? By hiring some of the best teachers in the industry to deliver our proven swim programs in a fun and engaging way. We’re inviting you to experience the same.

Feel bliss at Aquabliss!

Location & Directions

Aquabliss Frensham

The Centenary Pool Frensham
Range Road, Mittagong NSW 2575

Aquabliss operates its swim school out of the state-of-the-art Centenary Pool, owned by Frensham School, a private boarding and day school for girls.

Ample parking on site.

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Operating Hours

Hours may change

Demand for swimming lessons change throughout the year, so operating hours may vary.

Usually closed weekday early afternoons

Most bubs and pre-schoolers need a nap. Plus, our pool water, and staff, need a break too!

You can contact us out of hours

We promptly respond to emails and phone messages. Or you can reserve an available spot online if you’re ready to start lessons in the next 7 days. Scroll down for more information.
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    Reserve A Spot Online

    Avoid losing your preferred timeslot to someone else. Our online form will work out either the correct swim level for your child or if you need to book a swim assessment. No payment or credit card details are  required to reserve a spot to enrol, but you must be ready to start swimming within 7 days. Swim assessments however are FREE and can be booked beyond 7 days. For class enrolments, we’ll contact you to confirm everything and complete all the administration.

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    Modern & Purpose-Built

    Dual pool facility, with a 25m competition pool – and underfloor heating!

    Unlike learning to swim in public pools, our private pools mean your “mini-me” will be away from the pressure and distractions of large crowds, noisy water slides and busy play areas.

    The 25m pool can be divided into sections of various lengths and depths. Keeping your child challenged and, whilst in the beginner stages, still feeling safe because they’ll always be within touching distance of their teacher. 

    The 25m pool is also designed to keep children moving in the water, learning through experience. Minimising the time they sit at the edge of the pool watching, although still learning through observing.


    Let’s Start A Swim Journey

    Learn to love & respect the water

    From as early as 6 months and never too late to start. 

    You can book now, into any class scheduled within the next 7 days that has a vacant spot. No need to wait for next term to enrol. Classes run throughout the year, including school holidays.


    Why Others Choose Us

    How other parents feel about us

    We’d prefer you see reviews directly from Google, completely unfiltered. We can’t guarantee we won’t make a mistake, but we will guarantee that if we do, we’ll apologise and do everything we can to try to make things right. Our responses on Google demonstrate such commitment.

    Aquabliss Class Finder
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    Aquabliss Adult Fitness Timetable
    Not everyone loves getting hot and sweaty at the gym or on a run.
    After prioritising our learn to swim classes for children, we have some space for aquacise.
    Enjoy “me” time, meditatively swimming laps up and down the pool. Or be part of a group and join a fitness squad or an aqua aerobics class. We even have Pilates (but not in the water though!)
    Download the latest copy of our timetable and prices, or contact us. (Note – the timetable can change during school holidays, please contact us to confirm.)
    Adult Timetable
    Aquabliss Discounts & Government Subsidies


    We’re here to help make swimming lessons more affordable through our loyalty rewards. (Note: T&Cs apply to all discounts.)

    Sibling Discount

    5% discount on weekly lessons for each sibling, to help fund your whole family’s swim journey.

    Multiple Weekly Lesson Discount

    20% discount on the second weekly lesson. 25% discount on the third or subsequent weekly lesson. Plus, further discounts for Stroke Development Programs.

    School Holiday Program Discount

    1 FREE lesson per week on any School Holiday Intensive Program.
    Discounts Info School Holiday Info


    We accept the following Government subsidies to help you fund swimming lessons. (Note: T&C’s apply to all subsidies.)

    Active Kids Vouchers

    2 x $100 vouchers for parents, guardians and carers of school-enrolled children, which can be used for swimming lessons.

    First Lap Vouchers

    1 x $100 voucher for parents, guardians and carers of 3 to 6-year-olds to help fund swimming lessons.

    NDIS Funding

    If you have a child with disability, contact NDIS as you may be eligible for funding for swimming lessons.
    Active Kids Info First Lap Info
    Aquabliss Terms & Conditions
    Naturally, we need to have terms and conditions. The best way to start off any relationship is knowing what we need to agree on. Here are some key ones that parents often ask about.

    Monthly payments in advance by direct debit

    Payments are spread out monthly, so no hefty lump-sum term expenses

    No long-term lock-in contracts

    Your direct debit payment only commits you to one full month of swimming. Once a month’s payment has been processed, we don’t offer refunds. If you don’t want swimming lessons to continue the following month, let us know in writing, prior to the last day of the month.

    No joining, cancellation or recurring admin fees

    The price you see is the price you pay. No hidden fees.

    Limited make-up lessons on offer

    Providing you with the opportunity to never miss a lesson!
    We’ve got more information on these T&Cs, and of course, more T&Cs! But we have kept them as short, readable and straightforward as possible.

    More T&C Info

    Aquabliss Mittagong
    We are so happy with our lessons at Aquabliss. We have been coming for 6 years and our children have enjoyed all their lessons and have become skilled swimmers. The communication is great. The team are all really friendly and great with the kids. Thank you to Liz and the team.
    Response from the owner: Thank you Tamara, that’s so great to hear your children are all skilled little swimmers now! We always appreciate feedback like this, I will be sure to pass this on to our team.-The Aquabliss Team
    A great place for teaching my grandson how to swim
    Response from the owner: Thank you Sean for the 5 star review! -The Aquabliss Team
    Response from the owner: Thank you Caylee for the 5 star review!-The Aquabliss Team
    Response from the owner: Thank you for your 5 star review!-The Aquabliss Team
    Response from the owner: Hi Shawn, thank you for the 5 star review! We really appreciate it.-The Aquabliss Team
    Perfect for learning swimming.
    Response from the owner: Thank you for the 5 star review Viral! We appreciate the feedback.-The Aquabliss team
    Great place for swimming lessons. 🏊‍♀️
    Response from the owner: Hi Anita, thank you for your supportive comment! – The Aquabliss Team
    Couldn’t be happier with my experience of changing swim schools and committing to squad lessons, for my daughter, at Aquabliss Mittagong. This facility is a pleasure to attend. It is clean, well coordinated, the shower facilities are great and all staff are professional, polite and care for the well being of users of the pool. Both my daughter and myself appreciate the sense of inclusiveness and the sophisticated manner in which the business is run. The swim instructors focus on all kids – not just the popular ones or the ones whose parents are more beneficial to flatter. The swim instructors constantly provide feedback. Sometimes it’s the same feedback over and over again until a child gets the stroke or task right – this is ok – feedback needs to be reinforced and it’s great that the teachers do this. Every single lesson my daughter improves and the patience and commitment of the teachers is appreciated. The teachers can change from time to time due to unforeseen circumstances but this is a good thing because it gives my daughter and other kids, instruction from a different perspective. My daughter is mainly instructed by Jenny. She is INCREDIBLE. She picks up on things (health and swimming related) that no one else has ever picked up on about my daughter. What Jenny teaches in a single lesson, my daughter would not receive this instruction in a year at other facilities. Jenny is constantly yelling words of encouragement, tips on how to perfect strokes and constructive criticism/feedback. I don’t mean “yelling” in a bad way – she is doing her best and straining her voice so as to enable the kids to hear her whilst they are in the water swimming. She keeps such a close eye on the kids and also takes the time to address behaviours if the kids aren’t working well or are distracted or are just slacking off because maybe they need a break. All of the teachers and admin staff that I’ve chatted with are great and each brings something different to the centre. The kids are worked hard but there is always an element of fun and laughter to be heard. It’s great to see the kids being able to laugh at themselves as they progress through each lesson. It’s nice that the teachers and parents can have a giggle too. This is a very supportive environment for kids to “learn how to swim well” in and…as a bonus…the kids attending all seem to be good sports and they look out for each other. Attending Aquabliss is like a breath of fresh air. I enjoy taking my daughter there and she enjoys being there. Even on the days when she is tired and just wants to go home, at the end of the lesson she gets out of the pool and she feels great after the effort and progress that she has made. Win win.
    Response from the owner: What a review Kim! Thank you so much, we always appreciate the feedback. We will be sure to forward this on to our amazing team at Mittagong.The Aquabliss Team
    My girls have progressed well with Aquabliss. Liz B. is a wonderful teacher, very kind but strict, which my kids needed.
    Response from the owner: Hi Angela, thank you for the 5 star review! We always appreciate such positive feedback about our amazing instructors.The Aquabliss Team
    Liz B has been incredible for our two boys. Especially growing our eldest sons confidence in the pool. Highly recommend!
    Response from the owner: That’s fantastic to hear Romy! Recommendation is the best compliment you can give.The Aquabliss Team
    My girls both love Aquabliss Frensham… my eldest since becoming a Jellyfish has been swimming with Cheryl, who has been fantastic with her. She realises that all children learn at different rates and respond to different trigger words and methods of teaching, so has adapted her teaching to suit her students.My youngest has been swimming with Liz B since she was a tadpole (now a starfish) she absolutely loves swimming lessons (as long as they are with Liz). Liz is absolutely wonderful with her as well…All other teachers we have had association with (Liz F Ashley, Pip, Trish, Elise) have also been wonderful with the girls…I am so happy we found Aquabliss Frensham, after having issues with another swim school
    The staff and management are just wonderful, they go way above and beyond…Liz B has helped my autistic son go from being in fear of the water to strong and confident, she also helped my daughter after and before her spinal fusion. The general and genuine, support, care, ongoing concern, understanding and effort make you feel less like a client and more like family…
    Response from the owner: Hi Vicki, we value your kids’ achievements just as much as you do, and are honoured to be a small part of their journey! Thanks for your beautiful review.The Aquabliss Team
    My three and four year old are loving their weekly lessons at Aquabliss. The pool is beautiful with lots of natural light and the instructors are patient, fun and calm which has resulted in impressive progress for them both. Hats off to all involved!!!
    Response from the owner: Wow thanks Amber! Hats off to you for committing to weekly lessons, we know its not easy! We are as proud of your kids’ progress as you are.The Aquabliss Team
    Choosing a teacher was a very flexible process so we were able to find the right fit for our child. Liz B has been very encouraging & sportive of our sons swimming.
    Response from the owner: Thanks for your 5 star review Natalie – we are glad we could find the right fit for your son!The Aquabliss Team
    Best Aquatic centre in the highlands, the staff are super friendly and pools well maintained..
    Response from the owner: Hi Praveen, we might be biased, but we totally agree! Thanks for choosing Aquabliss!The Aquabliss Team
    Excellent swimming centre that is inclusive. The staff are amazing and the facility is top notch. Highly recommended
    Fantastic swim school, kind and understanding instructors that always make the kids feel safe and able to enjoy learning to swim, facilities are clean and easily accessible.
    Response from the owner: Thanks Sally, we work hard to provide not only amazing facilities but a top notch learn to swim program, glad to hear you kids are enjoying the benefits of both!The Aquabliss Team
    Amazing swimming centre for kids! The teachers are incredible and I’m so pleased with my childrens progress.
    Response from the owner: Tenille thanks for your 5 star review. We are thrilled that you are pleased with your children’s progress in our Learn to Swim program!The Aquabliss Team
    Highly recommend this swim school! Friendly and professional.
    Response from the owner: Hayley thanks for taking the time to leave us a 5 star review. We really appreciate it!The Aquabliss Team
    Can’t recommend enough. Ever since putting my daughter in with Amanda she has been loving her lessons and has made soo much progress. 10/10. Friendly and professional staff and always so helpful when needed.
    Response from the owner: Kimberly, thanks for scoring us top marks! Progress in the water is the name of the game, and we are so glad to hear the team at Mittagong is helping your daughter achieve that!The Aquabliss Team
    Absolutely fantastic!! My daughter has had a few of the swim teachers there including Pip, Natasha, Cheryl, Kayla & Trish. All have amazing knowledge and techniques. Amanda in the office is always there for any help and or queries. My daughter is progressing so well and loves Saturday mornings in the pool thank you girls 👧🏻
    Response from the owner: Hi Hugo, we are so glad to hear your daughter is progressing well with the support of our great team at Mittagong. Thanks for your 5 star review!The Aquabliss Team
    Response from the owner: Thank you for the 5 star review!The Aquabliss Team
    Response from the owner: Hi Jenny, thank you for your 5-star review! – The Aquabliss Team
    Response from the owner: Hi Kris, thank you for your 5-star rating! – The Aquabliss Team
    Response from the owner: Hi Robert! Thank you for the 5-star review! – The Aquabliss Team
    Aquabliss Frensham is a fantastic swimming centre. My daughter has been swimming at Frensham since she was 6 months old in 2015. I can not recommend this centre highly enough and the instructors Liz and Ros
    Response from the owner: Hi Emma,Thank you for your positive feedback! We have thoroughly enjoyed having you at Aquabliss and have absolutely loved watching your daughter grow and learn over the last 5 years! We hope to see you at our centre for many more years to come! – The Aquabliss Team
    I have been taking my two daughters now 2 and 4 to Aquabliss since they were 6 months old. They have both absolutely loved the program. The pool is always always very clean and the program is run very professionally. Both of their instructors Sally and Lizzy B have developed their water safety and swimming skills emensly. They are wonderful with children and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend both of those teachers and the Aquabliss program to anyone looking to find a program.
    Response from the owner: Hi Raschelle. Thank you so much! We appreciate you taking the time in leaving us a review. It has been great to see your children progress in the water. Thank you once again! – The Aquabliss Team
    Aquabliss Mittagong, reasonable and superb place for kids swimming lessons.The staffs are friendly with smile on their faces.Swimming pool maintained and temperature adjusted ( most of the times , few times I found it little bit cold) with trained teachers.
    Response from the owner: Hi Sushi. Thank you so much for taking the time in leaving us a review! We have a great team here at Aquabliss Mittagong and we love seeing our swimmers progress in the pool! Thank you for your feedback. This has been passed on to management. We hope you continue to enjoy coming to our centre in the future. – The Aquabliss Team
    Both of my children are in lessons at Aquabliss Frensham, my eldest has been swimming with them for several years now, we transferred from another swim school and saw amazing results.The teachers are consistent in their approach to teaching, staff are approachable and the facilities have always been spotless.
    high racommended this pool, i went there a couple of times and i found a very clean change room and very good organizations. Swimming school is very organised and professionally prepared. Teachers are competent!
    Response from the owner: Hi Alessandro. Thank you for the lovely review! We pride ourselves on the cleanliness of the centre. Our Swim Teachers are also highly trained and certified, so it is great to have this recognised. Thank you again for taking the time in posting a great review. We hope you continue to enjoy your experience with us. – The Aquabliss Team
    Response from the owner: Hi Leo. Thank you for the 5 stars! – The Aquabliss Team
    Response from the owner: Hi Andrei. Thank you for leaving us 5 stars! – The Aquabliss Team
    Great teachers, great program
    Our children have recently joined squad training and we cannot speak highly enough of Jenny and Angela their coaches. Both ladies are professional, dedicated, have a great sense of humour and genuinely care for their swimmers. Thank you.

    Our social responsibility

    We value being a local

    Just as family is important to us, so is the local community. Here are just some of the organisations we have partnered with or supported in the past.

    Southern Highlands Water Polo Club

    Mittagong Swimming Club