Now a piece of plastic on its own might only garner so much excitement. So, to make them more fun, put a little extra effort into the wrapping and presentation.

Wrap up that Aquabliss Swim Gift Card with a set of goggles or a swim cap. Maybe print your own water-themed wrapping paper. Or place the card in a photo frame with a message saying you’re looking forward to seeing a swimming photo inside it.

You could even freeze it in ice! Just choose a gift-card sized plastic container or mould, float the gift card in water and freeze. Keep it frozen until just before it’s time to open presents. You can present it in a cooler or a box with sawdust and a small ice pick. But do remember to tell them that all Aquabliss pools are indoor pools that are nice and toasty chill-free zones!

Our Swim Gift Cards make for great presents because our swimming lessons can change lives as well as save them.

Plus, no batteries are needed, no internet connection is required and an Aquabliss Swim Gift Card won’t break either!

Aquabliss Swim Gift Cards can be purchased from the Customer Care Team.