About the Course

Swim Australia™ Teacher of Learners with a Disability
The SAT Competitive Swimming Course has the competence and knowledge to teach swimming and water safety skills to those with physical impairments and cognitive disorders.

  • Approved by the Government
  • Endorsed by Swimming Australia
  • Specialised accreditation
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The key features and benefits of this course are:

  • Endorsed by Swimming Australia Limited, the peak body for the sport of swimming in Australia;
  • Teach those requiring any one or number of the following modifications in either a group or individual lesson:
  • Affordable due to low delivery and administration costs, so you pay less

Course content is delivered by a combination of:

  • A specialised understanding and knowledge of physical and mobility impairments to Cognitive Disorders;
  • Modified drills, skill progressions, entries, exits, supervision and instruction;
  • Contextualised communication skills;
Please note: The Swim Australia™ Teacher accreditation is a prerequisite for those wishing to gain this specialised accreditation.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

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