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A gift that will last a lifetime!

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Swim Gift Cards

The Perfect Present

Need an idea for a loved one?

The gift of swimming lessons is one of the most valuable things you can give to children. Bliss!

It’s not the latest gadget, and it might take some time to understand the importance, but ultimately this can be a gift that will never be forgotten and used for the rest of their lives. Bliss!

Our Swim Gift Cards are valid for three years, but the skills learnt will last a lifetime. Bliss!

Swim Gift Cards

A Character-Building Present

Help shape the person to become the best they can

You’ll be gifting a lot more than just water safety.

Swimming lessons teach kids about success and failure, discipline and routine, setting goals and how to push past the limits. There are too many character-building traits to list. All of which can help shape the person they are going to be, with some help from you.

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