Will children be practising physical distancing in the pool?
No, guidelines state that swimmers under 18 do not need to practice physical distancing while in the pool. We will however be abiding by the 4 square metre rule for all swimmers in the pool.
Will I have to sign in at the centre when attending lessons?
Aquabliss will be using our booking system to track attendances so you won’t be required to sign in when arriving at the centre.
Will class times be changing?
There may be some changes to start times for some customers however you will be notified of these changes in advance.
Will equipment be used?
Some pool equipment such as woggles and baby toys will not be in use. Any equipment being used will be cleaned and sanitised between shifts.
Will changerooms be open?
Changerooms will be open to access toilets only. Showers within the changerooms will be closed however pool deck showers will remain open. We remind all swimmers to arrive at the centre dressed for swimming and bring a towel and warm clothes to change into at the end of class.
What will happen to the make-ups I had before Aquabliss closed?
All make-ups that were issued prior to our closure will now be valid until the end of the year. Any make-ups issued after we re-open will be subject to our normal policy – validity of 3 months.
When will my direct debit start again?
Direct debits will be active from 1 July.
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Re-Opening FAQ’s

T&C’s Apply

  • Number of classes/levels subject to demand.
  • Children who have had swimming lessons, but who are not currently enrolled with Aquabliss, may need to attend a quick assessment, (15 mins max), to ensure they are placed in the right class level. Details can be confirmed at time of booking.
  • No sibling discounts.
  • Make-ups for missed lessons are only available for students enrolled with Aquabliss and are at the manager’s discretion.
  • Cancellations must be received, in writing, at least 24 hours prior to the start date of the program for a refund or credit to be applied.
  • Full payment is required to confirm a booking.

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    Terms and Conditions

    Terms and Conditions

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