We’re not all naturally organised parents, some of us just ‘wing it.’

Research shows kids who have parents who encourage routine do better, and there are many reasons why. A routine will do wonders for your toddler’s development; it helps them get a grasp on the concepts of time and time management.

Routines don’t just apply to universal moments such as bedtime and morning; they’re also great for specific circumstances like swimming lessons. Getting your child to swimming lessons in winter is hard; we don’t want to see you remove them due to stress. Kids thrive within a structure because they’re not comfortable with what they can’t predict – when they know what to expect, they feel safe and in control.

So here are a few creative ways to create structure around getting your little one to lessons in a fun and exciting way.

Fun Planning

When kids have their activities mapped out in a fun and interactive way, they feel more empowered and involved. You use a personal calendar for your life, so why not make a routine chart that can help you drum up joy for swimming lessons. Use your creative license to do this however you believe most effective, but if you’re stuck – here are a few pointers.

You can buy a range of weekly planners online; try BusyKid for a selection of magnetised calendars that come with 40 activity magnets. Make planning fun – once a week, ask your child to update the calendar with you. Organising the magnets will help them feel involved and excited about their winter swimming lessons. Alternatively, you can chart out your daily morning and evening routines, and add images you’ve made together that spell out your unique daily schedule.

For swimming lessons, get your child to draw a picture of themselves in the pool and put it where they can see it within the context of their week.

Preparation Games

Whether your child has a morning or afternoon lesson, when it comes to preparation, taking a bit of time to put steps in place is key to creating a routine. We’ve got a 3-step sample of how you can instill structure and keep your kids engaged and involved:

Step 1: Get your child to help you mark up their weekly planner (the one you created from above)

Step 2: Help your child change into their swimming gear and create anticipation

Step 3: Play a packing game to ensure your child has their cold season swimming gear –  two towels for before and after their lesson, Ugg boots and a beanie

Bath Time Buzz

Creating a buzz around swimming isn’t only a lesson-time activity. To build a positive and exciting relationship with the water, talk to your child about what they learned during their lesson and what they love about swimming. Then, when it comes to bath time, encourage them to show you their new skills so they can feel proud and keen to keep learning.

We know it’s challenging to get your child out of the house to swimming lessons, especially when it’s cold outside. Despite the brrrr, establishing a creative and fun routine where your child plays an integral part will nurture a joyful relationship with their swimming lessons.

Book your next class with us to support your child’s love for swimming. Then keep them interested by putting a personalised planner into action. We are waiting to hear from you. Get in touch.