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Some people view gift cards as being too impersonal a gift; given without too much thought. However, there’s no risk of that with an Aquabliss Swim Gift Card.

By gifting swimming lessons to someone, you are giving them the chance to learn a life skill. It shows that you care about their swim safety and it is a skill that every child/adult should learn. That’s deeply personal as it is a gift that will last a lifetime.

Plus, you’ll be giving them much more than just swimming lessons.

Friendships, memories and fun

A lot of Australian memories are formed in and around water. As are a lot of friendships. Whether it’s the beach, the local river or the backyard pool. It’s all part of growing up in Australia. So much fun to be had enjoying all those water-based activities, along with friends and family.

Memories, friends, water fun – there are so many facets to an Aquabliss Swim Gift Card!

Character Building

In addition to water safety and all that fun, there are some serious value adds you’ll be gifting too. Swimming lessons teach kids about success and failure, discipline and routine, setting goals and how to push past the limits – and so much more. There are too many character-building traits to list! All of which can help shape the person they are going to be, with some help from you.

A Gift for Life

Everyone deserves the chance to experience everything that swimming has to offer. It’s not the latest gadget, and it might take some time to understand the importance, but ultimately this can be a gift that will never be forgotten and used for the rest of their lives. For the years of memories made in the water and for the world of opportunities that become available to them as they progress in their swimming journey, this gift will last them a lifetime.

So don’t wait and purchase your Aquabliss Swim Gift Cards TODAY! These can be purchased by contacting our Customer Service Team listed below.

Note: Our swim gift cards are available in amounts of $20, $50 and $100 and can be used towards any Aquabliss aquatic program.

It’s no surprise that gift card sales usually increase following a recession. Gift cards for necessities such as groceries, petrol and pharmacy items are greatly appreciated to anyone living on a tight budget.

So, if you know someone who is struggling during these COVID times, with kids who need to keep up with their swimming lessons, then an Aquabliss Swim Gift Card could be something they would really appreciate.

Or maybe you just need another idea for when grandparents or other family members ask what to buy your child for their birthday for instance.

Learning to swim really is a necessity of life.

To purchase your Aquabliss Swim Gift Card today, simply contact our Customer Service Team listed below and we’ll do the rest!

Note: Our gift vouchers are available in amounts of $20, $50 and $100 and can be used towards any Aquabliss aquatic program.

Now a piece of plastic on its own might only garner so much excitement. So, to make them more fun, put a little extra effort into the wrapping and presentation.

Wrap up that Aquabliss Swim Gift Card with a set of goggles or a swim cap. Maybe print your own water-themed wrapping paper. Or place the card in a photo frame with a message saying you’re looking forward to seeing a swimming photo inside it.

You could even freeze it in ice! Just choose a gift-card sized plastic container or mould, float the gift card in water and freeze. Keep it frozen until just before it’s time to open presents. You can present it in a cooler or a box with sawdust and a small ice pick. But do remember to tell them that all Aquabliss pools are indoor pools that are nice and toasty chill-free zones!

Our Swim Gift Cards make for great presents because our swimming lessons can change lives as well as save them.

Plus, no batteries are needed, no internet connection is required and an Aquabliss Swim Gift Card won’t break either!

Aquabliss Swim Gift Cards can be purchased from the Customer Care Team.