It has been shown that routines give children a sense of safety; a discipline that can set them up for life! 

Studies have proven that creating a routine instils familiarity and comfort for children. When a child is confronted with change, this can be stressful and can make your child feel out of the norm. A predictable routine allows children to feel safe and provides them with a sense of control over their lives. This applies the same to swimming lessons.

Here are 4 reasons why creating a routine of swimming lessons throughout the whole year will help you and your child in more ways than just their swimming progression.

Swimming routines can help kids get on a schedule

Having your child continuously come to lessons at the same time, on the same day, throughout the whole year, provides a schedule that your child can expect. Having this expectation will help your child prepare themselves mentally for lessons.

Swimming routines create less hassle for parents

Knowing what is to come means that there aren’t any surprises that can side-track your child. Coming to swimming lessons frequently means less stress on you as a parent; children seem to cooperate more when they get into a rhythm. Just like having a sleep/night time routine, a swimming routine is just as important.

Swimming routines can make your child feel in charge

Like adults, children love to feel in charge of themselves. Does your child say, “I can do it,” “I am not a baby”? Overtime, children have the desire to become more independent, like brushing their own teeth, packing their own backpacks and choosing their own clothes to wear. The same applies to swimming. Having children come to classes consistently, will make them feel more confident and in turn, more independent. It will allow them to gradually set their own swim goals and feel self-empowered to progress further.

Swimming routines can set your child up for the future 

Teaching your child life lessons to set them up for the future, is every parent’s goal. An important life skill is teaching your child that accomplishing a goal requires dedication and hard work; it requires having actionable tasks that need to be done on a routine basis. Having your child come to lessons during the winter is important as it teaches them the importance of commitment. Ultimately, coming to lessons consistently will teach them that “consistent actions, creates consistent RESULTS.”

Having a swimming routine can benefit your child in more ways than one. Not only is it important for their swimming skill development, but it also provides a routine where they feel secure and they know what to expect. This in turn, eliminates any surprises and can help you as a parent, get your child out of the house to swimming lessons, stress-free.

Book your next class with us today to support your child’s love for swimming and to instil a routine that will not only help them with their swimming progression but will teach them the importance of commitment and consistency. Contact our Customer Care Team.