Swimming lessons are an integral part of your baby’s development. Watching them become water-competent is a fantastic experience; being part of the ups and downs of learning to swim is something special. Anyone important in your child’s life can be the one to guide them during their years of water safety. Whether that person is dad or a significant male figure, the benefits are mutual. Immersed in the water or watching the progress, poolside, baby swim lessons are for dads too.

Bonding Time
We all know the importance of skin-to-skin contact. Essential to your child’s wellbeing, this close contact builds a tender, stable and reassuring bond between you and your baby. During a baby’s first two years, this kind of connection is vital, and swimming lessons are the perfect path to fostering it. Guiding your tiny tot in the water will strengthen your bond, and as bub becomes more confident in the water, you’ll both feel uplifted and proud.

Family Bathroom Facilities
There’s nothing worse than the sense of embarrassment and annoyance when you discover a venue hasn’t bothered to cater for both parents. To avoid this unnecessary confusion, we make sure our Aquabliss facilities are inclusive. If you’re the father or male carer for a baby girl, don’t stress, you can get bub ready, and wash and dress afterwards without any awkwardness.

Social Benefits
Sometimes it can feel like every baby-oriented activity is all geared towards mums. One of the main reasons we encourage dads to come to swimming class is because you can meet other doting dads. While you’re in the pool, you can chat and laugh with other dads about your little swimmer. Because you’re all in it for your water baby, there’s a great sense of comradery and fun. It’s an excellent way to meet like-minded fathers who aren’t afraid to get involved in a meaningful way.

Quality Time
All parents work hard; Mums and Dads alike can find it challenging to play a significant role as they’d like in bub’s life. If work takes a big bite from your spare time and leaves you wanting more moments with your little one – schedule quality time in the form of swimming lessons. While most activities tend to involve drop-off and pick-up only, swimming class is all about participation and being present. And the best news is you can help to better balance family life; while you’re in the water, other carers get some much-needed downtime.

Busy Schedule
As a dad, if you feel you don’t get enough quality time with your kids – schedule weekly swimming lessons into your diary. Committing to this appointment each week ensures you make time for your little one. The big-picture objective of swimming lessons is to set your water baby up for a lifetime of loving all things water. And playing a significant part in this process, from the beginning, means as bub grows, there’ll be plenty of shared-time; in the pool and at the beach.

Take the plunge with your baby, and you’ll both enjoy the benefits of sharing the learning-to-swim journey together. Get in touch with us today.