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Ways to reduce the overall cost of swimming lessons

It takes time for a child to learn to swim well. Longer than some parents expect. And a lot of effort too. Not just from your wannabe swimmer, but also from you.

Remember how long it took for your child to learn how to walk and talk. How much effort you both put in for them to take their first step or utter their first word. (Or at least you think it was a word!) Skills practised every day, and usually, with no costs involved.

But formal swimming lessons cost money. So, consider some of the following suggestions that can make the overall cost of swimming lessons much cheaper for you.

1. Taking a break may be a mistake

When a skill is being acquired, repetition is a key focus until the skill becomes “second nature”. A state known as “unconscious competence”.

Younger and/or less advanced swimmers can struggle to store learnings in their long-term memory in a way that can easily be recalled. After a break, it may take them longer, or they may need extra instruction, to just get back to where they were. Even quite advanced swimmers will suffer some sort of setback after an extended break.

Consistency and routine also help to build momentum. When kids lose this, they often lose their confidence and interest too.

So, it’s important to avoid regression, the loss of learned skills, or worse, going back to square one. That will cost you more money in the long run and will slow down your child mastering vital water safety skills.

We usually see an increase in extended breaks during the cooler months. We get it. When it’s cold outside, it’s tempting to huddle up indoors. Think about the annual goal a lot of people have to have a “beach body” for summer. They’ve got to start, or keep up, their diet and exercise regime throughout autumn and winter. Likewise, your child, to be safer in and around water in the warmer months, needs to practise regularly in the weeks ahead.

Our pools are a toasty 30 degrees all year round! As colds or flu are spread by a virus, not by swimming in cold water or having wet hair, we hope to see you at the pool all year round too!

2. Immersion therapy – School Holiday Intensive Programs

Our School Holiday Intensive Programs are intensive – but not intense!

An intense course would be an extremely tough one. Most kids, at some stage of their swimming journey, will find mastering some swim skills a tough challenge. Our intensive courses can help in these situations. Intensive, meaning, focusing thoroughly on something specific for a short time.

Offered during every school holiday, these back-to-back days of lessons can improve and accelerate your child’s progression. A big advantage is pure chronological frequency. They’ll be learning specific skills more often, so those skills will be easier to recall. With one month’s worth of lessons packed into one week, children can easily pick up from where they left off the day before. Those learnings will be fresh in their minds and can be more easily reinforced during the intensive program.

Your child will also likely be taught by a different teacher, in a class with different students. Providing the opportunity to learn how to adapt to new people and new situations; teaching them resilience and to welcome change. Skills that can help to speed up overall learning – both in and out of the pool by the way!

When a child’s struggling, a new teacher, with a different personality and/or different approach, can sometimes achieve a breakthrough. Being in a class with different students can also be a positive. It might boost your child’s competitiveness, or they might find a new friend to buddy up with and they can learn from each other.

Adding School Holiday Intensives into your child’s swim program can speed up their learning. They can develop the skills they need to succeed much sooner, which means you’ll be spending less money on swimming lessons in the long run. Especially when each week offers a discount of one free lesson per week*.

3. Swim more than once a week

Speed up your child’s learning by enrolling in swimming lessons more than once a week – and enjoy the discounts. There’s a 20%* discount for the second lesson. For the third, and any subsequent lessons, the discount increases to 25%* (of the original full priced lesson).

As mentioned in Points 1 & 2, it’s all about repetition, consistency, intensity. And there’s the added opportunity of building swim fitness too!

4. Private lessons or group lessons?

There are lots of benefits from learning in a group situation. A main one being that a lot of kids like to keep up and are often spurred on to learn faster. For our very young fishes, swimming lessons can be their first introduction to a formal lesson structure. They’re learning and practising how to wait for their turn; how to share the teacher’s attention; how not to get distracted by others in their class. We strongly recommend group lessons.

However, sometimes a parent will raise the concern that their child is taking the same regular group class over and over again; practising the same skill over and over again. There’ll always be a strong repetitive component to regular lessons, because that’s how children learn. That’s how we learnt. We touched on the importance of repetition in Point 1. So private lessons could be one way to speed up your child’s progress, especially if they have missed lessons because of taking an extended break. Sometimes, a child might just need some one-on-one time, to get them over a specific hurdle that’s been holding them back for a while.

Naturally, private lessons are more expensive. But they’ll speed up learning due to the one-on-one attention, or in cases where there’s a hurdle, achieve a quicker breakthrough.

5. Practice outside of lessons

Take some swim homework away with you! There’s unlikely to be any pen and paper involved, so it won’t really feel like homework for your up-and-coming swimmer. Ask the supervisor for specific hints and tips. There are common skills that kids can practise to overcome things that can hold them back. These might be things they can practice in the bath. Or even on land exercises, such as turning their feet out for a breaststroke kick – which they can practise on the couch!

Try and visit your local pool to practise. And in the warmer months, hit the beach or find friends with a backyard pool if you don’t have one!

The more practice the better. Remember, ensure there’s safe supervision at all times, even for the land-based exercises!

6. Use Active Kids Vouchers and gift cards

We accept Active Kids Vouchers, which could save you $200 per year on swimming lessons.

And you can always drop a hint to family and friends about our Aquabliss Swim Gift Cards for your little fish’s next birthday or Christmas present. Valid for three years, but the skills learnt will last a lifetime. They’ll also be giving your child the chance to make new friends and a heap of character-building traits too. Such as teaching your child about success and failure, discipline and routine, setting goals and how to push past the limits – and so much more.

Faster is cheaper

Legendary Aussie Swim Coach Laurie Lawrence explains why children should be doing more swimming lessons:

“The reality with swimming lessons is that most children will only attend one 30-minute lesson per week when they are learning to swim, and parents wonder why it can sometimes be a slow process. If you miss 4 weeks out of 52 in the year, and your swimmers attend EVERY lesson without missing any others, that is just 24 hours of swimming instruction per year. That’s one day out of 365 each year. That’s nothing! Boost your child’s swimming skills whenever possible!”

Any, or a combination, of the above suggestions can help speed up the development of your child’s swimming skills, so that they can be swimming well sooner. Sooner is safer, as well as being cheaper. Avoiding regression and taking up all the discount offers, will contribute to swimming lessons costing less money in the long run.

Enquiries and bookings

Contact our friendly bookings staff to speed up your child’s swim journey so that you’ll spend less in the long run.

*Discounts current at time of publishing. Please verify when enquiring/booking.

Let’s give it a good WRAP up

Now a piece of plastic on its own might only garner so much excitement. So, to make them more fun, put a little extra effort into the wrapping and presentation.

Wrap up that Aquabliss Swim Gift Card with a set of goggles or a swim cap. Maybe print your own water-based wrapping paper. Or place it in a photo frame with a message saying you are looking forward to them returning the frame with a swim related ph

An Instant Gift – Just Add Pool Water to Enjoy

It’s no surprise that gift card sales usually increase following a recession. Gift cards for necessities such as groceries, petrol and pharmacy items are greatly appreciated to anyone living on a tight budget.

So, if you know someone who is struggling during these COVID times, with kids who need to keep up with their swimming lessons, then an Aquabliss Swim Gift Card could be something they would really appreciate.

Or maybe you just need another idea for when grandparents or other family members ask what to buy your child for their birthday for instance.

Learning to swim really is a necessity of life.

To purchase your Aquabliss Swim Gift Card today, simply contact our Customer Service Team listed below and we’ll do the rest!

Note: Our gift vouchers are available in amounts of $20, $50 and $100 and can be used towards any Aquabliss aquatic program.

Frensham: 3672

Gregory Hills: 9971

Pymble: 7397

Seven Hills: 0358

A gift that will last a lifetime!

Some people view gift cards as being too impersonal a gift; given without too much thought. However, there’s no risk of that with an Aquabliss Swim Gift Card.

By gifting swimming lessons to someone, you are giving them the chance to learn a life skill. It shows that you care about their swim safety and it is a skill that every child/adult should learn. That’s deeply personal as it is a gift that will last a lifetime.

Plus, you’ll be giving them much more than just swimming lessons.

Friendships, memories and fun

A lot of Australian memories are formed in and around water. As are a lot of friendships. Whether it’s the beach, the local river or the backyard pool. It’s all part of growing up in Australia. So much fun to be had enjoying all those water-based activities, along with friends and family.

Memories, friends, water fun – there are so many facets to an Aquabliss Swim Gift Card!

Character Building

In addition to water safety and all that fun, there are some serious value adds you’ll be gifting too. Swimming lessons teach kids about success and failure, discipline and routine, setting goals and how to push past the limits – and so much more. There are too many character-building traits to list! All of which can help shape the person they are going to be, with some help from you.

A Gift for Life

Everyone deserves the chance to experience everything that swimming has to offer. It’s not the latest gadget, and it might take some time to understand the importance, but ultimately this can be a gift that will never be forgotten and used for the rest of their lives. For the years of memories made in the water and for the world of opportunities that become available to them as they progress in their swimming journey, this gift will last them a lifetime.

So don’t wait and purchase your Aquabliss Swim Gift Cards TODAY! These can be purchased by contacting our Customer Service Team listed below.

Note: Our swim gift cards are available in amounts of $20, $50 and $100 and can be used towards any Aquabliss aquatic program.

Frensham: 3672

Gregory Hills: 9971

Pymble: 7397

Seven Hills: 0358

5 Signs of a Super Swim School

The water can be a scary place for a child. That’s why having a safe, positive experience is paramount when you’re getting your water legs. To equip your child with the skills they need to be water-wise and unlock a lifelong love of swimming, you need to know that the right people are teaching your kids the right way. A quality swim center is more than just a schmick logo on some snazzy swimmers; lookout for these five signs that can help you determine the accredited and successful swim centers from the ones that are making a big splash with no substance.

It’s About People

At our super swim school, your child will be taught by a highly qualified teacher who’ll give them a positive experience in the pool.

All our instructors are AustSwim or Swim Australia qualified. Having undergone 20-hours of training in the Aquabliss teaching methodology, our team is all on the same page when it comes to our pool program. Each of our staff members has also had their Working With Children Check, as well as being CPR certified, so your kids are in qualified, safe hands. Aquabliss is also accredited with the peak industry body, Swim Australia, and to ensure we keep up with new ripples across the industry, we conduct regular refresher training with our staff.

Beyond their qualifications, we choose each teacher based on their ability to inspire and educate with kindness and patience. A great swimming experience is created by instructors who are invested in each child, and an environment which supports them. As we believe consistency and continuity are crucial, each team member is across both the detail and big-picture outcomes for each child.

It’s About Programs

At our super swim school, your child will have access to a consistent program which delivers consistent results.

Our program accommodates age appropriate skill sets. Working towards defined outcomes, each skill we teach is achievable in terms of stages of development, so we can organically build every child’s swim confidence and competency. To ensure a positive experience in the pool, we place your child at an appropriate level; carefully assessing their ability and readiness. To strengthen our approach, we continually reassess our methodology based on continued testing, team meetings, and feedback.

It’s About Safety

At our super swim school, your child will be supported by a program that assures water safety as a prime priority.

To us, learning to swim should be fun, but it’s about much more than playing in the pool. To support the message of safety, our lessons are built on the bedrock of basics, such as floating, entering and exiting the pool safely, as well as increasing stamina and strength.

It’s About Communication

At our super swim school, we’ll keep you in the loop about your child’s progress so you can ask the ‘why’s’ and the ‘how’s.’

There’s nothing worse than watching a process without understanding the principles behind it. We believe it’s important to share the aims of our methodology, so we offer regular feedback around how your child’s progressing, and how you can play a part in moving them forward. We also have a Supervisor on deck to assist with any questions you might have.

It’s About Maintenance

At our super swim school, your child will learn to love swimming in a safe, secure and clean place with regular checks.

At Aquabliss, we’re highly vigilant. All our centers undergo frequent checks to confirm everything’s running according to optimum standards. If we discover any anomalies, we act immediately, so you or your child is never at risk. We’re all about attention to detail, even down to the water levels; our centers are a safe place for your kids to learn and build a love for swimming.

To avoid finding yourself in deep water, follow these indicators to select a super swim school. All five Aquabliss centers cover all these points, so contact us to book in your little swimmer to be part of our super swim school today!

Why Every Australian Should Learn to Swim

As a nation, swimming is practically in our DNA.

Many Aussies love the water, and who can blame us? Australia’s coasts are lined with beautiful beaches, providing a splash of relief on hot, summer days.

As humans, our connection to water goes even deeper than this. Did you know our bodies are made of 60 percent water?

Water is the key to life, nourishing the planet and sustaining every system in our bodies.

Tragically, water is also the destroyer of life – drowning claims the lives of hundreds of Australians every year and it’s the leading cause of accidental death for children under three

This is why it’s vital that all Aussies learn how to swim.

Safety in water – swimming lessons for babies, children and adults

There’s no “one-size fits all” approach, when it comes to getting your child (or yourself) comfortable with the water.

But it’s best to start from a young age. The earlier, the better – since the risk of drowning is greatly reduced for children who’ve learnt to float on their own before turning three.

For babies, professionally taught lessons may be useful from three to six months – while their bodies hang onto the memory of floating in their mother’s womb and they’re likely to feel at home in the water (thanks to this aquatic instinct)..

Parents who’ve taught their little ones how to swim know that it can be a daunting experience…for the child, as well as for mum and dad!

Swimming lessons take some of this pressure off. Our qualified Austswim instructors use the best and safest methods to ease children (of all ages) into the water, so you know that your child is in good hands.

Every child is different, as anyone with a brood of kids living under their roof can tell you.

At Aquabliss, we make sure our lessons honour individual growth and development, while focusing on activities such as floating, breath control and submersion.

We work closely with children to make sure they’ve mastered each skill, before moving onto the next level. Our small classes move together, as we teach children in groups based on their age or ability level, while also catering to individual differences.

Whether you’re at the beach, visiting a friend with a pool, or enjoying a family picnic by the river – there’s no avoiding the water in Australia. It’s a relief to know you won’t need to watch your child like a hawk, when they know how to swim.

And if the lessons are for you, there’s no shame in that. In fact, you’re in good company, since many adults don’t know how to swim. We teach the basics to people of all ages, or show them how to improve their wobbly technique.

This is especially useful if you haven’t gone swimming in years!

Swim for fitness, swim for fun…

The benefits of swimming go far beyond its life-saving potential, so it’s worth learning to do well.

Swimming does wonders for fitness, health and wellbeing. It’s a great way to improve flexibility, build endurance, increase blood circulation and manage your weight – while your body is being soothed by the cooling water.

Water is buoyant and gentle on the limbs, which makes it easier to do exercises which are challenging on land. But don’t be fooled into thinking this is the easy way out, it’s not. Water provides 12 to 14 percent more resistance than exercising on land.

Swimming is also a great way to release stress, practise discipline and renew your energy.

There’s no shortage of classes to try at Aquabliss…

We offer Parent and Child classes, Learn to Swim classes, Development & Competitive Squads, Aqua Aerobics, Adult Learn to Swim and Adult Squads.

We’re based in Sydney’s North and North West, get in touch with us to find out more.