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Free Assessment

Let’s start off in the right lane

Classes based on skill & ability
For children who have had swimming lessons, a FREE assessment will be required because the skills and abilities of two same-aged swimmers can differ significantly, and youngsters can forget skills if not practised for a while.

The assessment ensures your child is placed in the correct class. One that will challenge them to progress at their own pace so they won’t feel overwhelmed, allowing their confidence to grow.

You can meet us and experience our facility. Plus, if you visit when lessons are taking place, you’ll also see our expert swim teachers in action and have the opportunity to speak with other parents.

Assessments throughout the year
Some swim schools have a term-based program, where students are only assessed once a term.

Our programs are skilled and ability-based, running continuously throughout the year. Swimmers don’t have to wait to progress. After mastering the skills of one class, they can move up as soon as space is available.

This means you can enrol your child at any time throughout the year!
It's a match
A lot of parents don’t fully understand their child’s swimming skills and ability level. And even if they do, they won’t know the full ins and outs of what’s taught in our classes.

That’s why we must see your swimmer in action so we can match their ability and skills to one of our class levels.

You’ll get a better return on your investment! A swimmer placed in the correct class will achieve quicker progress.
It's free

The main reason we offer a free assessment is because we want to make sure your child is placed in the correct class.

We don’t want to undermine your child’s confidence by placing them in a class where they are out of their depth – metaphorically speaking, of course! Or waste your time and money by placing your child in a class that is too easy and then their motivation declines.

Plus, it’s a great opportunity for you to come and meet our staff and see our facility. And if you visit when lessons are taking place, you can watch our teachers in action, in the water, interacting with the kids, and speak with some of the parents as well.


What happens in 10 minutes

There won’t always be a teacher in the water. Our aim is to assess your child’s independent swim and water safety skills and abilities.

Our On Deck Supervisor will quickly work out what skills and strokes to assess.

And if we need to calm your child’s nerves or coax them into the water, that’s all part of the assessment. Our staff have excellent child-whispering skills!


Assessed by an expert

An experienced On Deck Supervisor will conduct the assessment.

All our supervisors also teach – they wouldn’t make for good supervisors if they didn’t.

They’ll assess swim stroke technique, as well as water-safety and water-survival skills.

Siblings can be assessed together
Siblings can be assessed in the same timeslot.

Do warn us if you have a large tribe though, as we might need an extra pair of hands -which we’re sure you’ll understand!
Here’s what to bring

The usual swim stuff – swimmers and a towel including goggles and a change of clothes. 

In the cooler months, our heated pools will still be warm and toasty as they are all indoors and have air ventilation. However, it will be cold outside the facility, so bring the usual things to keep them warm outdoors.

No play and swim after

Unlike learning to swim in public pools, we like to keep our pools on the quieter side, with fewer distractions so we are sorry that we can’t allow your child to stay in the water after their assessment, to play and swim.

You might want to set their expectations to minimise any risk of tears and tissues.

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