We Swim is inspiring parents across Australia to take action to ensure their children enjoy all the benefits of swimming.

Facts & stats identify the need for action

The Royal Life Saving Society – Australia (RLSSA) took a deep dive into the water world of swimming lessons. Their research uncovered the following concerning situation:

Many children drop out of lessons before the age of 8 and miss developing critical lifesaving skills

40% of 12-year-olds can’t swim continuously for 50 meters or float for 2 minutes in deep water – a basic swimming and water safety benchmark

As a result of these alarming statistics, the RLSSA, supported by the Australian Government, has launched the We Swim Campaign.

Aquabliss is a  proud supporter of this campaign.

Life is better when we swim

As a nation, we love water. From the local pool, lake or river to the oceans and bays. When children learn to swim, it opens a world of possibilities.

Kids can enjoy heaps of water activities and be involved in water-based sports, school camps, beach holidays, riverside camping and playing with friends and family at the pool. Just to name a few!  Many studies have shown that we are stronger and healthier in body and mind when swimming.  Given our national lifestyle, swimming is a vital life skill. Not being able to swim, or swim well enough, diminishes the enjoyment of life and puts lives at risk. 

Campaign’s key focus

The We Swim movement focuses on children staying in lessons long enough to competently swim continuously for 50 meters and float in deep water for 2 minutes by 12 years of age – a vital national benchmark for swimming and water safety.

Failing to develop critical swimming and lifesaving skills leads to a lifelong drowning risk and missing out on a lifetime of enjoying the water.

From kids to adults

You won’t always be with your child when they’re in and around water, but you never stop being a parent, worrying and caring for them.

Through swimming lessons, kids learn to recognise and understand risk factors. As they enter their teens and adulthood, this vital skill can help them make better decisions when you’re not around – and not just about water dangers.

So, giving them these safety and risk assessment skills, life skills and lifesaving skills, is one of the best things you can do for them.

And for yourself, because you’ll enjoy some greater peace of mind.

Next Steps

As a parent, you want the best for your child/children. You want to keep them safe and for their lifelong journey to be filled with fun, confidence and experiences that take them far and wide.

So be a champion for your child by keeping them in swimming lessons until they achieve this 50-metre swim and 2-minute float national benchmark.

And you can help build momentum for the campaign by sharing messages across your network of family and friends, further promoting keeping children safe so they can enjoy the many benefits of swimming and how life-changing it is.

Because life is better when we swim.

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