Active Kids Vouchers

NSW Government Subsidy

2 x $100 Vouchers

You can redeem your vouchers with us

We’re a registered provider for the Active Kids Program, approved by the NSW Office of Sport. This means you can use both your 2 x $100 NSW Government Active Kids Vouchers with us, to help pay for your child’s swimming lessons. Bliss!

Choose swimming to help keep your child active. Swimming is a support sport for all other sports, not just water-based ones. Bliss!

Plus, swimming is a useable life skill, not just a sport. A skill that one day could save your child’s life, or someone else’s. Bliss!


Choose Swimming First

The Gateway To Other Sports

Swimming supports all other sports
Research shows that an early connection to sport can positively influence participation and encourage a lifelong love of sport.

Using your vouchers with us will make it easier for your child to be more active, because swimming is a great foundation for other sports because it provides a full body workout. Improves muscles, strength and endurance. All of which can support your child’s success in non water-related sports.

But there are a heap of exciting water-based sports. Being able to swim well will provide your child with a greater choice. Here are just a few!

Learning to swim is a great foundation for an active lifestyle. One that will help to manage their weight and avoid/minimise weight associated health issues.

To help further fund swimming lessons, you could drop hints to family and friends about an Aquabliss Gift Card. We also provide discounts for siblings and for those children who swim more than once a week.

For 4.5 to 18 years old

It’s not means tested

Don’t leave it too late to apply, as both vouchers expire at the end of each year
Voucher 1 is valid January to December and Voucher 2 is valid July to December.

You can use both Active Kids vouchers with us, provided each voucher covers a program for at least 8 weeks and there is a short break before using the second voucher, to meet the NSW Government’s requirement that both vouchers cannot be used in the same term. This supports the idea of encouraging children to get into the habit of being active throughout the year, not just in short, sharp bursts. (And yes we do encourage swimming through Winter!)

Here’s some useful information, accurate at the time of publishing.


Application & More Information

You can apply at any time throughout the year

Phone: Service NSW on 13 77 88