Swimming more than once a week has shown great improvements in our student’s swimming capabilities.

We have found that an increase in attendance has shown several measurable benefits. These benefits can help with your child’s swimming progression and overall confidence on their journey to “learning to swim well”. And to help you fund extra lessons, click here to have a look at the discounts we offer.

See below to find out what some of these benefits are and how they can help with your child’s swimming progression.

1. Helps fast-track your child’s progression

From our experience, we have seen a massive difference between our students who swim more than once a week. This will allow your child to perfect the same skill over and over again. Repetition is key to succeeding as a strong swimmer!

2. Helps build familiarity in the pool

Coming to the pool more often allows your child to become more familiar with their surroundings. Having this familiarity will enable them to feel comfortable, and as a result, they will feel safe in our pools. This feeling of comfort will help them learn new skills easily and will help the overall, smooth running of the class.

3. Helps prepare for upcoming events

Most of our students participate in school carnivals and other curricular activities held in the Spring and Summer period. Swimming more than once a week will help prepare them for these events. It will make them feel confident and excited to participate.

4. Helps nourish student-teacher bonding

Coming in for more lessons during the week helps build a strong bond between students and their Instructors. A big part of learning how to swim effectively lies in how comfortable children are with their Instructors. By building a stronger bond with their Instructors, children will not only trust the process and progress quicker, but they will also love coming to class.

5. Helps children stay active and healthy

Swimming more often during the week will help keep your child off their iPads and in the pool, keeping them active. Swimming frequently has been shown to help build endurance, strength, and can help your child maintain a healthy weight, a healthy heart and healthy lungs.

6. Helps maximise their understanding of safety

With all of our classes, we reinforce the importance of swim safety through our teaching. Having your child take lessons more regularly means they will gain a greater and quicker understanding of safety, and practicing these skills will ensure your child is safe in the water at all times.

7. Helps with social interaction

More lessons during a week help children feel comfortable and familiar being in group settings. Interacting with other children in the same level frequently, will give your child that boost of confidence in the water and will make coming to class a lot more enjoyable.

So, don’t miss out on these great benefits and on this great discount! Get in touch to book more lessons.