There are many benefits to swimming all year round at Aquabliss. Read below to see why your child should continue swimming through Winter.

  1. Taking a break can hinder your child’s progression

You feel proud when your child improves and moves up to the next level. That success is based on commitment and consistency. Any kind of learning suffers when you take a break. Swimming is no different. A key factor of how children (and adults) learn to swim well is through repetition.

Breaking the pattern of repetition could result in your child redoing levels that they previously passed or losing skills or confidence.

Continuing swimming lessons through Winter will ensure all the time, money and effort you have already invested into your child’s swimming lessons is not wasted over the Winter months.

Furthermore, keeping a routine is a great discipline to instill in young children.

  1. Our centres have you covered

Our swim centres are indoors and our pools are heated to a toasty 32 degrees all year round. With this and poolside seating, you can comfortably congratulate your child’s efforts and give them a big warm hug as soon as they step out of the warm water.

  1. Swimming can help boost immunity during Winter

It has been shown that children who attend swimming lessons regularly are often fitter and maintain a stronger immune system.

Medical research has shown that when we enjoy ourselves, the brain produces powerful biochemicals called endorphins, which boosts the immune system. So appreciate all those endorphins being produced as you watch your child kicking, splashing, floating and swimming in the pool.

  1. Help your child improve in other Winter sports

Winter is often the time that children play soccer, football and netball. You can help your child excel at those sports too by continuing their swimming lessons through winter. Swimming complements all other sports.

Swimming can be done in conjunction with other Winter sports as it helps to stretch many muscles, is a low impact form of exercise and helps to build up and maintain stamina. It provides a great cardiovascular workout too. Swimming also improves strength, flexibility, balance and posture.

Great athletes in all types of sports have often started out with swimming lessons as a child and continued with regular year-round swimming.

  1. Water safety is important to learn ALL year round

We ensure your child is safe in the water through teaching them the importance of safety throughout our lessons. Learning safe swimming does not stop during Winter. Continuing lessons will help your child remember these vital life skills and will give you reassurance that your child is aware of being safe in and around water, all year round.

  1. Maintain teacher and student bonding

Finally, earning trust from a child takes a considerable amount of time. Having children pull out of lessons during the Winter period can hinder that relationship. This can take up more time for your child to rebuild that relationship and for your child to feel comfortable again, which may further delay their progression in the water.


There are many reasons as to why your child should continue swimming through Winter with us. With our centres being indoors, why not take advantage of these benefits and book in your next lesson now!