The water can be a scary place for a child. That’s why having a safe, positive experience is paramount when you’re getting your water legs. To equip your child with the skills they need to be water-wise and unlock a lifelong love of swimming, you need to know that the right people are teaching your kids the right way. A quality swim centre is more than just a schmick logo on some snazzy swimmers; lookout for these five signs that can help you determine the accredited and successful swim centres from the ones that are making a big splash with no substance.

It’s About People

At our super swim school, your child will be taught by a highly qualified teacher who’ll give them a positive experience in the pool.

All our instructors are AustSwim or Swim Australia qualified. Having undergone 20-hours of training in the Aquabliss teaching methodology, our team is all on the same page when it comes to our pool program. Each of our staff members has also had their Working With Children Check verified, as well as being CPR certified, so your kids are in qualified, safe hands. Aquabliss is also accredited with the peak industry body, Swim Australia, and to ensure we keep up with new ripples across the industry, we conduct regular refresher training with our staff.

Beyond their qualifications, we choose each teacher based on their ability to inspire and educate with kindness and patience. A great swimming experience is created by instructors who are invested in each child, and an environment that supports them. As we believe consistency and continuity are crucial, each team member is across both the detail and big-picture outcomes for each child.

It’s About Programs

At our super swim school, your child will have access to a consistent program that delivers consistent results.

Our program accommodates age-appropriate skill sets. Working towards defined outcomes, each skill we teach is achievable in terms of stages of development, so we can organically build every child’s swim confidence and competency. To ensure a positive experience in the pool, we place your child at an appropriate level; carefully assessing their ability and readiness. To strengthen our approach, we continually reassess our methodology based on continued testing, team meetings, and feedback.

It’s About Safety

At our super swim school, your child will be supported by a program that assures water safety as a prime priority.

To us, learning to swim should be fun, but it’s about much more than playing in the pool. To support the message of safety, our lessons are built on the bedrock of basics, such as floating, entering and exiting the pool safely, as well as increasing stamina and strength.

It’s About Communication

At our super swim school, we’ll keep you in the loop about your child’s progress so you can ask the ‘why’s’ and the ‘how’s.’

There’s nothing worse than watching a process without understanding the principles behind it. We believe it’s important to share the aims of our methodology, so we offer regular feedback around how your child’s progressing, and how you can play a part in moving them forward. We also have a Supervisor on deck to assist with any questions you might have.

It’s About Maintenance

At our super swim school, your child will learn to love swimming in a safe, secure and clean place with regular checks.

At Aquabliss, we’re highly vigilant. All our centres undergo frequent checks to confirm everything’s running according to optimum standards. If we discover any anomalies, we act immediately, so you or your child is never at risk. We’re all about attention to detail, even down to the water levels; our centres are a safe place for your kids to learn and build a love for swimming.

To avoid finding yourself in deep water, follow these indicators to select a super swim school. All our Aquabliss centres tick all these boxes, so contact us to book in your little swimmer to be part of our super swim school today!