With summer around the corner, Spring is a sensational time to get your little swimmers in the water for swimming lessons. As the seasons are shifting, the promise of long summer days are on the horizon, so spring into action and book-in your little ones. Here are five reasons why booking your learner in now is the way to go.

Water Safety
Summer means fun in the sun, but it also means your child is likely to be around water more often. Setting them up with the right safety skills to ensure they’re as adept as they can be for their age is essential. Put your mind at ease, and get them engaged in water safety so they can practice and master their skills in the lead-up, and during the summer months. Having some water safety skills is better than having none, and by giving them the basics, they can build on their skills over the sunny season.

With long beach days, sandy feet and water-based fun only weeks away, now’s the time to get prepared. Get your kids swim-ready for beach and pool weather so they can grab their boogie board and join their friends as they splash in the shallows. Feeling sure of their abilities is crucial for enjoying all kinds of water activities. And if they’re learning skills, they’ll want to practice them whenever they can. That means you can tee-up plenty of pool time with friends and family.

Secure Your Spot
Fitting-in weekly swimming lessons can be a challenge, especially with more than one child. Securing your preferred class time means you’re more likely to turn up each week, and in turn, your little one is more likely to find their groove in the water. If you get in early enough, you could even ensure lessons at the same time for siblings, or at least consecutive classes to save you coming back at different times. Book now to secure your first preference in terms of time and day.

Avoid The Waitlist
With the smell of summer in the air, your child is probably ready to get in the water and start learning. There’s nothing more frustrating than having a motivated swimmer on your hands, with no lesson spot. To avoid disappointment and wasting precious swim-ready time on our waitlist – book now so your kids can spring into the pool asap.

School Carnival
With carnival time fast approaching, preparing your child so they can give it their best is important. So your water babies can make a splash in the pool in front of all their friends at school, giving them plenty of opportunities to build confidence in their abilities is essential. Making sure they have a positive experience means they won’t feel pushed into competing before they’re ready.

Spring is the blooming best time to book your little ones in for swimming lessons, so book today, and get summer-ready.